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Hazlo en Cortometraje (Make it Short-Film) is a Mexico based short film competition created by the BBVA Foundation and the CinEpolis Foundation in 2008. The competition has encouraged the audiovisual creation in young mexican filmmakers.

For the first time in 12 years, Hazlo en Cortometraje invites the young filmmakers of the world to join its competition with the creation of short films that explore the social challenges of our time.

Official Rules & Regulations


HAZLO EN CORTOMETRAJE invites young filmmakers around the world to join its twelfth contest with the creation of short films that explore the social challenges of our time.

1. All the films created between January 2018 and the closing date of this call may participate in this contest. The participant can submit an unlimited amount of short films if desired.


Short films of any type and genre (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.) can be submitted in any of the following categories:

  • a) MEXICAN CATEGORY: For young filmmakers of Mexican nationality who are of legal age and under 30.

    5 RECOGNITIONS OF $150,000.00 Mexican Pesos (one hundred and fifty thousand pesos 00/100 MXN) each

  • b) INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY: For young filmmakers with any other nationality than Mexican, adults of legal age in their native country and under 30.

    1 UNIQUE RECOGNITION OF $10,000.00 USD (ten thousand US dollars)

In both categories, the PARTICIPANT must attach an official identification that shows date of birth and nationality in PDF format.

3. Non-Spanish language works must include Spanish or English subtitles.

4. The running time for all short films must be 15 minutes or less with credits included.

5. Participants must go to the website: www.hazloencortometraje.com and fill out the online registration form. The system will assign you an ID to fill in the requested information, upload a PDF with your official ID and provide a link to your short film along with the corresponding password. The system only allows short films hosted on Vimeo.

6. The call closes on Friday, September 6 of 2019 at 12:00 hours CT (central time).

7. The winners will be contacted by email before October 4, 2019.

8. The winners will be a part of the BBVA Foundation and Cinépolis Foundation Selection Cycle, which will be screened in different cultural and educational forums in Mexico. The participants release and share their screening rights to both foundations for educational, cultural, consultation and dissemination purposes after the completion of this contest. None of these screenings will be used for profit.

9. Prior to the award ceremony, the winners will have the option of receiving postproduction work sessions from our partners: Equiscosa (sound design and 5.1 mix) and Imagú (color grading)

10. The Hazlo en Cortometraje Jury will be comprised of recognized professionals from the film industry and authorities of the BBVA Foundation and the Cinépolis Foundation whose decisions will be unappealable.

11. The Jury may declare void of recognition any of the winning spots if the submissions do not comply with the quality desired.

12. The selected finalists and their awards will be announced by the end of November of 2019 at the award ceremony and on our website.

13. The winning filmmakers will have the option to screen their short films on the streaming platform Cinépolis KLIC in a free of charge section.

14. Taking part in this contest implies total compliance with the previous rules.

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